Monday, May 24, 2004

The 2nd Book Fair Share "Developing Reading Skills"

Developing Reading Skills

Author: Linda R. MarksteinFormat: PaperbackISBN: 0838449875Publish Date: 3/1/1994Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Publishers Dimensions (in Inches) 9.5H x 6.5L x 0.25TPages: 193Edition Number: 2


Developing Reading Skills contains five units, which includes various scopes of culture background knowledge. It introduced Names and Naming Customs, Cities, Education, Sports, and Family Choices in three passages individually. In addition, the author, Linda Markstein has added a considerate glossary page behind the book. We can look up and learn the new words whenever we need in spite of we don’t have a dictionary alongside. However, the author printed an advice in front of each unit to inform the readers not to stop to look up new words during the first reading and to keep going at their own speed. The book was designed for both EFL and ESL students to take an overview at the distinction of how a custom or a policy differing from each other and their mutual relationships in the worldwide countries.


An easy-read book provides lots of information about culture and education. The thoughtful author urges the reading skills for readers over and over again, which is the feature of the book. Step by step, I have been used to follow its rules. They are: don’t look up new words at first reading, read second time and look them up in the glossary, read third time as quickly as you can. Somehow, it works. I think it helps out for my reading skill, but the other activities make it difficult for me to interpret and enjoy the reading, because the questions don’t have an answer in the book. Next time, when I choose a reading material, I will heed the detail.


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