Sunday, May 16, 2004

Meg has answered my questions in reading Shiloh

Hi Nigel~ I'll do my best.

1. I've never heard the phrase "bellyful ideas" before and am not sure that is an accurate use of the term. The only way I've ever heard bellyfull would be to describe a feeling of over eating or to say, "I've had a bellyfull of your complaining and I'm not going to listen anymore." Bellyfull, meaning too much. Bellyache, on the other hand, could be used to describe a feeling of being sick to your stomach or to describe complaining, i.e., "stop your bellyaching, we'll be home soon."

2. A doe is a deer, yes. Fawn is a small deer and is also a color. Fawn can also mean to dote on someone or be very attentive to them. "John fawns all over Anne when she is pregnant."

3. A groundhog (or woodchuck) is the North American variety of the marmot. I guess what that means is, they are one and the same animal.

4. A detour is an alternative route. So, for example if the road to your house is undergoing construction or there has been an accident and it is blocking the road, you may have to go down an alley to get home. You can take a detour around the construction or accident. You can also detour your thoughts on something. Say you think all cows are brown and I show you a picture of a black and white cow, you may say that detoured my thoughts on cows (bad example, but I hope you get the idea).

5. You example of slink is fine, it presents an image of the bugular creeping around the house. Sneak would be similar in this example only maybe the image would be like tip-toeing around. Slink can also be used to describe clingy clothing. "She glided into the room in her slinky red dress." She would not wear a sneaky dress. Sneak or sneak describes someone trying to go undiscovered. Sneak is also a term used for a liar. I guess the best way to determine a difference between sneak and slink is intent. Slink is a slow, even movement (think of how a snake glides along) and sneak can be that too, but it usually associated with a negative.

Nigel, I hope this helps out. I made some suggestion to your paragraph below as well, but it actually read quite well. Hope all is going well with you in your studies.

Reading response journal:

Chapter1: Why does Marty think Shiloh hasn?t been treated well?

According to Shiloh's behavior on page 3 and 4, "just slinking along with his head down", "tail between his legs like he's hardly got the right to breath", C'mon, boy, I say, putting out my hand. The dog gets up and backs off. He don't even whimper, like he's lost his bark. and the like. To sum up, the answer exists in the conversation of Marty and his Dad: "Way the dog acts. Scared to pee, almost." (Page 7)

Comment of Shiloh chapter one:

Chapter one is the hardest part of a book, because it is where the most characters and character relationships are introduced. In Shiloh, I think the characters' heavy accents and slang make it difficult for me to interpret and enjoy the reading. It's a whole new experience. One important element in learning English is learning to distinquish the dissimilar various dialects. The most impressive part in chapter one is the debut of Shiloh, the beagle. He is such a sympathetic doggy, everyone can empathize with him. His owner, Mr. Judd Travers is not a dog-lover and it is implied he may have even abused Shiloh. Predictably, the mistreatment of animals and the fellowship between Marty and Shiloh will be the main point of the story's structure.

From Nigel


At 9:00 PM, Blogger Nigel said...

Dear teacher and classmates:

You are all entitled to post your comment here, and I'll appreciate.

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Patty said...

Wow!So many comments from the same person is not easy to find. This man or lady is so kind to answer your all questions. How can you find this person to help without any feedback? Where did you meet this person??
After reading this article, I knew what the meaning of "bellyful ideas." It had many different meanings to use in different cases. I not only learned a new phrase but also many meanings. It's good!^^

At 5:43 AM, Blogger Nigel said...

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At 5:46 AM, Blogger Nigel said...

Dear Patty:
on my conscience...I have to tell you, so called "bellyful idea" was a wrong usage! because...Meg tell me so in the letter above. Just prevent misunderstanding. ^^ thanks for your responding.


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