Monday, May 24, 2004

Ten questions from Po Bronson's book: What Should I Do with My Life


Below includes my answers~
What's Next for You?

1. How have my parents' expectations affected my choices?
before:yes ; now:no

2. What are my assumptions about money?
money is always necessary when we are living in the real world. however, I'm not greedy.

3. With whom should I surround myself?

4. How much power does my environment have over me?

5. How have I been trapped by success?
more than "I" think.

6. Am I willing to spend years before letting my dream manifest itself?
No! I would like to find my real calling now and by myself.

7. What assumptions did I make when I was young about what I'm good at or not good at?
good: work hard ; not good: deploma

8. Am I afraid of looking inward?
of course! everybody afraid of looking their inward, because most people are doing what they don't really like.

9. Am I willing to spend years looking for an answer?
yes, if only I can find the answer out.

10. What am I naturally curious about?
A teacher.


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