Sunday, June 06, 2004

Active Or Passive June 5, 2004

Most of Taiwan students have been used to being a passive learner. That is to say, most of us do not have a will to learn or study automatically. In terms of Taiwan’s education system, teachers tended to make students working on excess homeworks and tests to benefit students’ acquisitions from textbooks. Chinese idiom are saying that:” knowledge are dead things, people are alive.” However, the results are always leading students potentially making bids for away from the books if they get a chance. I have already had a bellyful of my classmates’ complaining and I am also the witness whom have seen how students detouring to pick up textbooks. In my opinion, teachers have the responsibility for teaching students how to go fishing, but students should be entitled to decide if they want to go fishing or not and what kind of fish are they willing to fish.


At 4:39 AM, Blogger Nigel said...

The conclusion...looks like talking another subject-fishing.-_-; I'm not sure if you could understand what am I "really realate to" or not...what a dump essay!


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