Sunday, June 13, 2004

Comment of Cindy Chen’s midterm project

Learning English from children literatures and nursery rhymes are definitely good ideas, because ESL students always lack of those background knowledge of native speakers’ childhood acquisition. There are many flesh files in this website, in which we can learn pronunciation and story telling methods at the same time. Besides, it is always our best bet when learning English by playing games with a good-humoured mood. I want to introduce a similar website that contains more vivid and active flesh story telling programs: and the log in name and code for temporary are: tumble81585 and 81585. Warning! The code’s dead date is June 15, so got to be hurry, if you want to read and listen some exciting story.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger Nigel said...

I'm sorry that there is no Hyperlinks below the addresses, but you may copy the address you instersted and paste on the "web address" frame above then press "go to". It has the same function with Hyperlinks. ¬¬ For your information.^^


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