Saturday, June 19, 2004

Comment of Denise Lin’s Midterm Project

Learning English from music could make a hard task a please game no matter the game is for adults or for children. The question is “ How can we granted the wish?” first, you don’t need to buy a great number of expensive albums except your parents are rich and allow you to do so. Instead of it, though, I know this is not a good example, I would like to “search and find and download” a single song that I have ever heard and liked it before, because I was always buying an album in which contains only one or two songs I like. I don’t think it is reasonable and worth to spend money on junk songs. Besides, I am not downloading those songs for selling. Second, lyrics are always necessary for learning English from music. To advance abilities such as listening, reading, pronunciation, and intonation simultaneously is the main purpose; in addition, it could enlarge our vocabulary size through various songs. Is not it a nice way? However, I would not put too much time on music listening due to its finite scopes. It is always a long road to go while we are learning English.

PS: This is the greatest website that contains almost all the English songs’ lyrics and I can always find them here:


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