Friday, June 11, 2004

A "Copy and Paste" Lesson Plan of "Whose Mouse Are You?"

Whose Mouse Are You?
By Robert Kraus

The story is:
Whose mouse are you?
Nobody’s mouse
Where is your mother?
Inside the cat
Where is your father?
Caught in a trap
Where is your sister?
Far from home
Where is your brother?
I have none
What will you do?
Shake my mother out of the cat!
Free my father from the trap!
Find my sister and bring her home
Wish for a brother, as I have none
Now whose mouse are you?
My mother’s mouse, she loves me so.
My father’s mouse, from head to toe.
My sister’s mouse, she loves me too.
My brother’s mouse…
Your brother’s mouse?
My brother’s mouse—he’s brand new! (New born)

What is the story about?
A little mouse tells how he will find his missing family.

Before you read the book.
Ask children, "Who’s child are you?"
Ask, "Who’s brother or sister are you?"
Say that this is a story of a mouse looking for his family.
After you read the book.
Ask how mouse felt looking for his family.
Ask how mouse felt when finding mother.
Ask if they ever felt the same way.
Have them tell the story back to you.
Things to do together.
Read the book again when children want
Reread the book.
Have children finish phrases you begin, such as:
"Whose mouse are ________,"
"Find my sister and bring her ________."
Soon, children will be saying the words as you read.
Mouse Pictures
Ask children their favorite scene from the book.
Have them draw scene.
Have them write something they remember from the book.
It is okay if their writing is scribbles.

In this children’s classic, “Nobody’s Mouse” is feeling melancholy (blue) that he is alone and without his family. But down-in-the-dumps (very much blue) mouse soon becomes a mouse of action. Acclaimed author-and-artist team Robert Kraus and Jose Aruego celebrate thirty years with a newly designed jacket on a classically rendered picture book about self-esteem and courage. (2000) Hardcover, Keywords: Self-Esteem, Courage

Sample Letter to Parents
Whose Mouse Are You?
Dear Parents:
Whose Mouse Are You? by Robert Kraus is a comical book about the family of a little mouse. It tells us, in a repetitive rhyme, the make-up of the little mouse’s family.
Read this book with your child and then create a rhyming book about your family. Please include family members, things you do as a family, and special facts or attributes about your family. You may use any materials to illustrate your book (e.g., construction paper, computer graphics, word processing tools, illustrations, real pictures).
Please have fun with your child while engaging in this activity. This is coming to you on Friday, in hopes that you will return it on Monday.
Your Child’s English Teacher

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before you read, ask children "who's child are you?"

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