Monday, June 07, 2004

June 7, 2004

Does anybody suppose to read 3 even 8 storybooks at the same time? Yet, one bit at a time! Everybody should feel bored, because it is so stupid to do funny things in a boring way. Nevertheless, I have been working hard on this manner for a long period. Not because I am a silly student, but don’t have a choice. I will tell you how to read as inefficiency as me. At first, you precede “Shiloh” to page 10, then, no matter how you like the story and how much you are longing to know what is going to happen next, you have to stop to read “Oliver Twist” until page 40, and again, you must stop enjoying your imagination about the story to prepare another story. And it sometimes can be a Chinese history, Japanese literature, Shakespeare’s poem or drama, and yet Linguistics. Worst of all, you need to create some poem or article even though you are not a poet. And then, you are backing to the first step to read the strange story, which you perhaps have already forgotten it at all. Over and over again, we have been playing the worthless, redundant, and “Multi-role-played” game that I called it: “No matter how hard you tried, you have just been wasting your life.”


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