Saturday, June 19, 2004

My Keypals...

The story's strat...

Dear Nigel

I am from in south korea
I am a seventeen years old
and I am a girl
my name is heeyeoun
I want make a friend
and I wating for your mail
have a good time

Things seem go smoothly...

hi your mail is happy to me
yesterday i come back home and check the e-mail and i so disppointed
but today is happy because i`ve got your mail
i can only be on line for once a week because i study hard too
my name is pqrk heeyeoun and you say yeoun OK?
i like Taiwan. the reason why?... it`s F4.. hihikiki.....^^
Taiwan change president? it`s OK? i don`t know political
it`s too tired day
i also tired
korean school started at am 7:30 and finished at pm10:00
all kins of korean high school student same
what do you think about that?
it`s too late i go sleeping

I cannot send a mail to her mailbox from now on, don't know why, the letters I sent just keep turning back like virus, so I lost her for a long time... then, ONE comes a letter...

i am heeyeoun/

why you don`t answer a my letter?

I'm not mean to do it.....forget me please...

However, Meg is great!

I've already pasted the message between she and I on the buttom of the Blog.


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