Thursday, June 17, 2004

Reading Respond Journal of SHILOH Chapter 13-15

Chapter 13

1. Investigator: Many investigators have studied the topic. The couple hired an investigator to handle the case.
2. Allergic: She’s allergic to dogs. Allergic means sensitive in medical science.
3. Creek: There are often wild ducks swimming in the creek. Some small boats moored near the creek.
4. Bust: I got a sadness inside me growing so big I feel I’m about to bust. He busted his watch yesterday.
5. Rehearsed: Rehearsed my lines so often I can say them by heart. They are rehearsing a new play.

Reading response journal:

Chapter 13: Predict what will happen next.

The main idea of the chapter is Marty has occasionally found that Judd Travers hunted deer out of season. And unbelievably, this morning was just right the dead date that Judd said he would take Shiloh back on Sunday. This new discovery will become useful evidence, which Mary could utilize as an object of saving Shiloh. And that will make the story more exciting. I am now wondering about their conversation. Is Judd going to surrender? Or the author had woven another solution for Shiloh to get together with Prestons?

Comment of Shiloh chapter thirteen:

Marty is a mature-minded child. Way the boy thought in page 110 is not what a common kid could do. For example, “ I’m not making life one bit easier for my parents or Dara Lynn or Becky, but I just can’t give up Shiloh without a fight.” He knows what he is going to do will cause more troubles to his family. But he is so stick to save Shiloh from his poor suffering that inspires him to become a hard one to try to communicate with Judd face to face. Even though, he also afraid of Judd may shoot him.

Chapter 14

1. Camouflage: they covered their tanks with leaves and branches as camouflage.
2. Grin: She grinned foolishly at him.
3. Intention: His good intentions were repaid by good results. It wasn’t my intention to fool you.
4. Slog: He slogs over through waist-high weeds to where the doe lays.
5. Whirl: The electric fan blades whirled in the hot room. The car whirled down the street.

Reading response journal:

Chapter 14: a) Why does Marty feel taller than he really is next to Judd? b) What do you think of Marty’s bargain with Judd? c) Will it work?

A) First, he thinks that he has witnessed the process of Judd’s hunting deer out of season. Second, maybe Marty is satisfied at Judd’s surprise by the time Marty has shown beside him. Third, Marty has constantly encouraged himself on the way toward Judd’s.
B) Actually, Marty’s bargain with Judd is extremely dangerous. I won’t agree any child to bargain with rude and rough grownups, because the way Marty said: Will Judd shoot me? My answer is: very likely.
C) It works finally, Marty have to pay Judd 40 dollars by 20 hours works for him and keep the deer as a secret at the same time.

Comment of Shiloh chapter fourteen:

It is impossible for Marty to consider every situation that could happen when he meet Judd. But things seem went smoothly by the time he is bargaining with the mean guy. The most exciting part starts from Marty get outrage and said, “ Shoot me?” How come a gentle little boy becomes such a brave fighter? He is merely struggling the chance for saving Shiloh, because he said, “ I don’t want the meat (doe). I want Shiloh.” Will Marty succeed? I will predict that chapter 15 is going to end up with a happy ending.

Chapter 15

1. Omission: The omission of “for” in this sentence is incorrect. This sentence does not allow any omissions.
2. Jubilation: “Heeeowl!” I go again, out of joy and jubilation, the way people do in church.
3. Hoe: We need hoe or plow to soften the field before we plant on it.
4. Fierce: The dog became fierce when he lost its temper. After a fierce battle the enemy was forced to retreat.
5. Signature: If you show a judge a paper without a witness’s signature, he’ll laugh you right out of the courthouse.

Reading response journal:

Chapter 15: What makes Judd change?

The way Marty represented that had kind of touched the inner part of Judd’s. Marty was not only doing those chores the way Judd asked, he wanted to do it better. They gradually get familiar with each other during Marty’s 20 hours’ hard task. And at last, Judd not only kept his words, but also gave Marty a dog collar. Suddenly, I figured out that the mean guy had already changed, while I was reading the paragraph.

Comment of Shiloh chapter fifteen:

Marty was always having a sense of humor like the sentence below in this chapter: “ Judd spits. Didn’t know a man could drink beer and chew tobacco at the same time, but Judd does.” Ha! This is really interesting. Well, if Marty had ever been to Taiwan and seen Taiwanese chewing betel nuts and drink liquor simultaneously he would precisely realize that people could do the two things together. The story is end. And there is a happy ending, indeed! Compare to I first read the book, I was not that like it. But now, I understand why Jessie so insisted to recommend us reading it over, because the story is a classic. I am going to read more sequels to Shiloh during the summer.

PS: Don’t you think Marty, the protagonist, has a twisted experience like a martyr?


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