Saturday, June 19, 2004

Reflection of How Internet Helps Me Improve My English Four Skills

Nowadays, Internet has become the most popular database for learning that people cannot simply ignore it at all, especially for English learning. Comparing to the traditional way, Internet provides a far more convenient and sophisticated education environment. For instance, I don’t need to ask around teachers or look all kinds of dictionaries up for “what is the difference between marmot, groundhog, and woodchuck.” Instead, the pictures and texts from will tell me anything explicitly about the question. Moreover, learning English from Internet has got ahead of traditional way in each every range of English four skills, the listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You can find a native speaker anytime without any trouble on the Internet, and it is up to you, to chat by talking or by typing. Whenever you get online, just click your mouse to find some interesting articles for reading. Write an essay after reading, then mail it to your friends or post it on your blog as you wish. In my opinion, that would be the most terrible waste if you don’t know how to utilize the Internet on learning English, for a positive learner, in particular.


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