Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Tests of Listening

      Unit 1   
1. Lucy: Hi, are you new in this company?
Andrew: Yes, my name's Andrew Wish. I am the Sales Department.
2. Lucy: Good to meet you, I'm Lucy. How long have you been here, Andrew?
Andrew: I just began to work last Monday, and you?
Lucy: I was in the Sales Department for six I'm in the Department.
3. Lucy: Where are you ?
Andrew: I'm from LA, but I've been living in California since I was in college.
4. Lucy: Oh...What did you study?
Andrew: I in Economics.
5. Lucy: So how is everything so far?
Andrew: Everything is going well.
6. Lucy: Anyway, welcome to this company and be our colleague. if you need anything, just let me know. Or I can show you around.
Andrew: Sure, I'm looking forward to here.
7. Lucy: I hope you can to this working place very soon,bye.
Andrew: I hope so. Bye.
1 . O 2 . O 3 . O 4 . O 5 . O 6 . O

      Unit 2   
1. Andrew: Excuse me?
Harry: Sure.
Andrew: How can I get some , just like whiteout or ball pen?
2. Harry: You can go to Sales Department on the second floor
and the form to apply for stuff you need.
3. Andrew: I see. And how about the company machine next to the
fax machine? It seems .
Harry: Really? You can go to the Sales next to us to ask
them to help copy for you.
4. Andrew: OK, thanks.
Harry: Never .
5. Supervisor: Would you make five copies of this file and
staple each set?
Secretary: Sure. Mr. Wang in Super Company a message.
He would like to make an appointment to
introduce their new product.
6. Superviors: Check schedule and sometime for him.
Anything else?
Secretary: Don't forget your meeting at 3:00.

1 . O 2 . O 3 . O 4 . O 5 . O 6 . O

      Unit 3   
1. Customer: Could you show me your photocopier?
Andrew: The most popular product in our company is this one.
2. Andrew: The of this new model are it can reduce copy
size down to 64% or can enlarge up to 156%. The
basic model costs $ 2799. And it's lightweight.
3. Andrew: This new product is popular since it had been
on market for one month because its easy-to-use and
fair price.
4. Customer: I would like to have more information about this
Andrew: You can take this brochure about this product and
the catalogue of the other products. If you have
any questions,our service is 24 hour a day.

1 . O 2 . O 3 . O 4 . O

      Unit 4   
1. The trains here are always in the morning.
2. I leave at 8:30, when the train is OK, and I start work around .
3. I sometimes work on when we are busy.
4. My company is very , so we all have lunch at 2:00
5. Because we have a long , we don't finish until 8:00 p.m.
6. I love my job because it's very
7. I guess I work at about 6:00, but sometimes later.
8. I a company which builds small boats.
9. I never work on weekends becasue my company doens't want to pay .
1 .O 2 .O 3 .O 4 .O 5 .O 6 .O 7 .O 8 .O 9 .O

      Unit 5   
1. Hello, Jupiter Printing Company. ?
2. I'm Marking Services in Japan.
3. Could I your name and fax number please?
4. The code for Japan is 81 and the fax number is .
5. This is Industrial Air Conditioning. Andrew Chen .
6. Are you in office or factory air conditioners?
7. The address is , University Road, Douliu City, Taiwan.

1 . O 2 . O 3 . O 4 . O 5 . O 6 . O


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